Auto Service

Welcome to, your go-to destination for all your automotive service and repair needs! We may not be able to perform electrical system fixes, but fear not, because we've got a whole lineup of services designed to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and ready for any adventure.

Simple Jobs Made Fun:

  • Oil Changes: We'll treat your engine to a refreshing oil change, so it purrs like a contented kitten.
  • Brake Repairs: Our skilled technicians will ensure your brakes are in prime condition, so you can stop on a dime and avoid unwanted fender benders.
  • Suspension Upgrades: Experience a smooth and comfortable ride as our experts fine-tune your suspension for maximum driving pleasure.

Turbocharged Repairs:

  • Engine Overhauls: When your engine needs some serious TLC, our talented team will work their magic to restore it to its former glory, making it purr like a race car.
  • Transmission Re-Hauls: Say goodbye to jerky gear shifts! Our technicians will perform transmission wizardry to ensure seamless transitions on the road.
Auto Service

Everything In Between:

  • Cooling System Repairs: Keep your engine running cool with our expert cooling system repairs, so you can bid farewell to those overheating woes.
  • Exhaust System Services: We'll help unleash the beast within your vehicle, making it sound and perform like a true champion on the road.

SGI Inspection Preparation:

  • Uber Inspection: Planning to drive for Uber? Our meticulous inspection process will get your vehicle Uber-ready, ensuring it meets all the requirements for a smooth ride.
  • Out of Province Inspection: If you're relocating to Saskatchewan or your vehicle is returning from another province, we'll make sure it meets the stringent Out of Province inspection standards.

At, we may not be equipped to handle electrical system fixes, but rest assured that our experienced team will work tirelessly to provide top-notch service and keep your vehicle running like a dream. Don't let your car miss out on the fun—schedule an appointment with us today and let's get you ready for the road!

Auto Service

Give us a call at 639-525-2595 to book your appointment and let our skilled technicians work their magic on your vehicle. Visit to schedule your visit online and get your wheels rolling towards a smooth and hilarious automotive experience. Remember, laughter is the best fuel for your car's soul!

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