Say hello to the stress-free car buying process!

At Orange Pre-Owned Motors, we'll help you find the perfect used car!

Are you looking for a used car? Here are some reasons why you should consider Orange?

  • We have an indoor showroom to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • CarFax reports are available, so you can make sure your vehicle doesn't have any surprises
  • Stress-free buying process
  • Wide variety of cars to choose from
  • You deserve a break from those high-interest rates - we can help with car loans!
  • Ready and willing to help with the car buying process
  • Won't cost as much as a new car - buy used and save thousands of dollars!
  • Get ready to stretch out in an SUV, or climb into one of our vans.
  • Get a great vehicle at an affordable price
  • Relax knowing that it's been hand-picked and thoroughly inspected
  • We only carry quality inventory that's gone through 120 points of mechanical inspection and safety checks before it makes it to you.
  • Your mechanic will compliment you on picking out such a great car to buy
  • We will help you find the perfect used car!

We'll help you find the perfect used car!